The most iconic hairstyles

The most iconic hairstyles

When Jennifer Aniston debuted Rachel Green’s choppy cut on Friends, we *all* wanted to rush to the hairdressers and copy her – whether it made us look ridiculous or not. At a time when we were more than obsessed (seriously, in a rather unhealthy way – we can still quote every line, of every episode, of every season – verbatim) we couldn’t get enough of what Rachel did. It really didn’t matter to us that Jennifer didn’t actually like the haircut; if she had it, we wanted it.

A little known band (we jest) called the Spice Girls became as famous for their fashion choices and hairstyles as they were for their songs (we’re not even slightly embarrassed to admit that Say You’ll Be There is still a firm favourite… Okay, maybe a little embarrassed). You could hardly wear a pair of sparkly platforms without dividing your hair into Baby’s pigtails, or pull on your Adidas trackies without pairing them with a tight ponytail à la Sporty. That would just be ludicrous to do anything, but!

And so it goes with some of the most famous, and easily recognised hairstyles of recent times. Amy Winehouse’s messy beehive is as synonymous with the late singer now as it ever was, Grace Jones box-cut fro will forever remind us of her balsy turn as May Day in James Bond thriller A View To A Kill – and a mere glimpse of a wildly shaggy wig will undoubtedly make us dance weirdly and rock out to Steamy Windows in some awful attempt at channeling Tina Turner.

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