Here is a natural tip for oily skin. It is a simple homemade beauty tip which helps you get rid of oil and also gives you a fresh and glowing face and skin.

Most of the women with the oily skin look upset from the face beauty. When your skin gets oily, makeup and other skin treatments becomes complicated. Your best beauty supply stops working and your attendance to the parties and events gets dimmer. You can find many beauty products that work best on all kinds of skin but obviously everyone is scared of experiments. Your face should be kept away from trials and to compromise on natural beauty is not a wise decision too.

Instead of many homemade natural tips and best creams or lotions, oily skin females are seen having repeated face washing. They use best skin care tips and still they find oil often spread on their face. Actually oily skin is a nature or a trend of the skin. It is not a disease. As I always force my readers to be natural so the oily skin too may have the best treatment with natural beauty tips. So the continuous face wash and common tips or not the remedy.

Pimples, acne and scars are the first production of the greasy kin. Washing your face again and again causes the bacteria and germs to spread all over the face. So instead of a fresh glowing face you may gradually get a tough, rigid and dead skin having no attraction. Then what is the solution? How to deal with oily skin and how to get rid of this irritating slippery situation?

The first and the best skin remedy is to change your life style and foods. Skin Cleansing, toning and tuning all are the temporary cures. Natural skin tone stays there inside. It comes back soon after awhile. Diet menus and healthy lifestyle is a long discussion and leave it to some next beauty article. Here I will provide you a tested and working home remedy for the oily skin. You can easily prepare and use it.

Take the following ingredients of this face pack.

Dry milk 1 Tablespoon
Cucumber 1 Piece – Peeled out
Yogurt 1 Teaspoon
Put all these things in the blender and make a paste. Your homemade natural recipe for the oily skin is ready. Apply it on your face for about 20 minutes. Repeat it once or twice in a week and see the difference. It will give you best results much better than many beauty creams and products for oily skin.

May you have a beautiful, attractive and glowing skin and face!

Sajida Smith

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