5 Yoga Asanas for that Glowing Face

5 Yoga Asanas for that Glowing Face

Yoga is said to be the perfect source of getting a healthy and vibrant face glow.  Studies have showed that Yoga takes away the wrinkles and sagginess found in a person’s face with the advancement of age.  It reduces the wrinkles and provides a healthy glow to the facial skin.  It also helps in balancing the important hormones and also increasing the oxygen circulation in the blood.  It is thus the most natural way of improving skin health.

There are various asanas in Yoga that can be tried out for bringing back the shine to your skin.

  • Shirshasana – Kneeling down and grab your elbows with the opposite hands. Keeping the elbows where they are, interlock the finger towards your front side.  Now place your head on the floor, between the interlocked hands.  Slowly raise your hips and knees off the ground.  Then straighten your legs while placing down your toes.  The next step is to see to it that most of your body weight is transferred to the interlocked hands and some part to the head.  Slowly lift the legs off the ground and bring in line with your trunk.
  • Matsyasana – Sit on the floor while stretching your legs in the forward position with the palms of your hands on the side. Now hold the right foot sole and place in on the left thigh and do the same for the left hand sole placing it on the right thigh.  Lie on the back slowly and take the support of the elbows as you bend your head backwards till it touches the ground.  Stretch your back and hold the toes with the index fingers, always keeping the elbows on the ground.  Hold this posture for a few seconds.
  • Shavasana – This is also called as the corpse pose. In this you have to lie on the floor with eyes closed. Relax your body and try to take off the negative thoughts from the mind.  The next step is to stand with your legs apart and take 10 quick breaths covering your face with the hands.  Rub the skin on the overall face taking special care to rub on the forehead and eyes.  Take 10 quick breaths again.
  • Sarvangasana – This is another yoga asana for getting a healthy skin. Lie on the back with legs close to each other.  Now raise the legs at an angle of 90 degree from your waist.  Slowly raise your buttocks with the palms and support the body with your elbows.  Keep your body in this posture for a few seconds seeing to it that the body is in a straight line.
  • Kapilbhati Kriya – This is a simple process in which one has to sit comfortably on the floor and exhale forcefully. Try building up pressure in the abdomen, and then inhale normally.  Do this kriya for around 10 minutes.

These are the best asanas for getting a healthy and vibrant skin for your face.  Along with these there are the other asanas like Viparitakarani Kriya (i.e. shoulder stand) or Kriya-Jalnetri in which water is made to flow through the nostrils as you breathe through the mouth.

There are other simple techniques along with the  above mentioned yoga asanas which can help to rejunivate your facial skin.

Try to make circles while pressing your fingertips on your temple.

Place the hands on the jaw line and make small circles while keeping your mouth open.

These asanas should form a daily part of your exercise schedule.  Avoid stress at all times as this adds up to your age in the physical self.  But along with these asanas, one should maintain a healthy diet which can consist of fresh vegetables, fruits and plenty of water.  Also, habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking or overdose of Coffee and caffeine products may well be a disadvantage for your skin as a whole.

Sajida Smith

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