Want to step up your style like a Kardashian? It’s safe to say that Kylie & Kendall Jenner’s style has improved immensely over the years, not only in their own personal wardrobes but also extended onto the runway and into major retail stores like PacSun and Neiman Marcus as well. Setting trends across many fashion avenues from accessories to outerwear to even colorfulwigs, Kendall and Kylie have no doubt been the most recent trendsetting “It Girls” in the world of fashion recently. Not looking to drop $995 on a leather jacket to match Kendall & Kylie’s stylequite yet? We’ve selected a few items from our new arrivals to help you dress like a Jenner in no time! Without killing your budget ­ rock some of the season’s cutest trends from colorful bomber jackets to faux suede mini dresses for when you’re feeling savvy. Available in a variety of sizes, be sure to shop our New Arrivals now before they’re all gone! Dress to impress the next time you’re looking to step out onto the scene but remember, now that you’ve decided to level your style game up like Kendall & Kylie….. be careful of those hounds of paparazzi!

Sajida Smith

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