Here is how water makes us beautiful and attractive? How to supply more water and how to make it possible to be stored in the body for longer times?

Water is directly concerned to health, beauty and even to life. It keeps up live, healthy, beautiful and energetic. About all of our body processes depend on water presence there in the body. Similarly our skin stores a lot of water for different functions. You would have seen many people who had watery color and very soft skin tone. There face just reflects as it is made of some water bag. Actually it is due to a big amount of water reserved in the skin cells.

Different skin natures store different amounts of water. However it depends upon a lot of factors. One thing that is universally understood is that water makes us beautiful. This is also a fact that more and excessive water brings excessive beauty and attraction. Similarly dehydration causes our skin dry and makes our look dim and odd. So we are decided that more water can give us a glowing, brightened and charming face.

What are the skin care tips to make it possible that more water may be used and stored there in our body and skin. The simple answer is that we drink more water and keep our skin hydrated for extra time so that our body and skin cells may absorb more water. Do you think that it is enough? I don’t think so. Sometimes you observe that you use a lot of water and drinks but still your skin gets dried and you even feel internal dehydration. Why does it happen?

This is our skin care tip. In our life water comes in many shapes and there are a lot of things that are necessary to store water in different shapes. As you need some pots, tools and containers to keep it stored, similarly your body need some basic stuff to avoid water loss. These are vitamins, minerals and some micro nutrients. These things enable your internal body parts to store water.

Now think that there are a lot of healthy foods which contain minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and many others along with a good range of vitamins like A, B, C and D. It means if we use these foods, we gain two purposes. First a good supply of water and second a good supply of stuff to store water.

To clarify our skin care tips, we should do two things. First drink a suitable amount of water. Secondly we should eat fruits and vegetables in excessive amount so that our body may have good supply of water and get enabled to store its extra reserves. Both of these things will make us naturally, beautiful with a glowing face and gorgeous look. Your skin will shine and give an impression of being transparent. On the same time decrease the intake of spices and fried fruits. These things force water to leave the body.

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