Exactly How to Protect Your Hair and Scalp from the Sun

Exactly How to Protect Your Hair and Scalp from the Sun

When it comes to sun protection, we know that it’s critical to apply sunscreen over our entire bodies, but do you count your hair and scalp in that? I didn’t. Even as a diligent sunscreen user, I would apply sunscreen up to my forehead and never even consider my hair or scalp, because, well, they’re my hair and scalp.

Spoiler alert: Skipping out on that sun protection is one big beauty faux pas. Read on to find out why and, of course, how to keep your locks and your scalp from sunburn.

Why You Need to Protect Your Hair:

You might be thinking, “Do I really need to protect my hair?” Well, while you might not want to add another step to your routine, the answer is yes. Ron Williams, Education Director at Phyto Specific, explained to me that hair is considered a non-living entity when it emerges through the scalp, which is why it doesn’t burn like our skin. We may not experience those horrible sunburn symptoms on our manes, but our hair can still become damaged. If we skip sun protection, the result could be a dry, dull, and brittle mane. The damage will only worsen if you’re taking a dip in the pool or ocean because of the drying effects of chlorine and salt.

The sun can also change your dye job—and not for the better. Celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa told me that bleached or lifted hair is more susceptible to damage because the process opens up the hair follicle, making hair more vulnerable to oxidizing damage (read: fading) from UV exposure.

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How to Protect It:

Ideally, we should be protecting our manes on a daily basis. Before you go slapping sunscreen onto your strands, hold up. There are other less greasy ways to keep your locks protected. Our first line of defense against the sun is wearing a hat. Choose one that covers all of your hair, or tuck longer locks underneath it.

In terms of products, look for different formulas with UVA and UVB protection. Dr. Anthony Rossi MD, FAAD, suggests the Colorescience SunForgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 30 ($57, colorscience.com). It is a water-resistant powder that has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to protect against harmful rays. Dust it on your hair, then on your face.

Moisturizing your hair is another essential step. Stock up on oils, masks, conditioners, and treatments. Celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein says, “I double down in the summer, using lots of oils. I love argan oils. I also use tons of masks. I love Christophe Robin and Kerastase.”



A regular hair care results in regular hair growth. With a good hair growth speed you can adopt all natural hairstyles easily. Here I have given some hair care tips for natural hair growth. To get a speedy hair produce, we shall have to depend upon natural hair care products, hair growth foods, vitamins for hair growth, hair growth home remedies and other natural hair care tips.

The chemicals only can’t work alone. High rated hair growth tips shall have to be attached with homemade hair care tips. Hair growth oil made at home is far better than that of commercially marketed hair growth products. Even the most advanced beauty supply companies are using natural hair care recipes. In 2016 hair trends, the long hairs have a big space. With Longer and thicker hair you can rule over the beauty trend. While adopting the hair care tips for long hair do not forget homemade hair care.

These hair care tips work equally for men and women both. So these are natural remedies for all kinds of hairs.

  1. Healthy hairs grow on healthy body and healthy body depends upon the healthy diet. So include all kinds of minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and other necessary elements in your diet.
  2. Have you ever tried castor oil? It is good hair growth oil and results in amplified hair growth speed.
  3. A scalp massage can help you much. Do it with some natural hair oil. If you can’t prepare at home, select a company who prepares natural hair growth products.
  4. The fresh and happy body always contains fresh skin and thick black hair. Happiness stays in the mind. So keep your brain free of all tensions and anxiety.
  5. Egg and yogurt are excellent for the hair growth and original shine. Use them combined or separately. Simply apply a mask of these natural hair tonics on the hairs, wait about 15 minutes and then wash out. Both of these are best hair care tips for dry hair.
  6. Onion and potatoes contain some very effective stuff for your black hair care. Extract the juice of onion or potato by mashing, squeezing or with any method. Apply it on the scalp and see how it works to boost the natural hair growth.
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