Choose Their Favorite Overwatch Characters

Choose Their Favorite Overwatch Characters

We’ve all been playing a lot of Overwatch here at Game Informer. It’s safe to say we’re fans (head here for our review), but do you know which characters we’re fans of?

Below you will find a handful of Game Informer editors’ favorite Overwatch characters and why they consider them to be their favorite. Let us know who your favorites are in the comments below and we will be happy to explain why our favorites are actually better.

I traditionally enjoy playing support, so Mercy is an easy go-to for me.

But last night I decided to give Symmetra a try. She isn’t great for every mode, but if you find yourself playing defense, she’s a monster.

Her turrets inspire creative thinking, because they are so vulnerable once detected. They’re fragile, so you’ll want to find clever places to plant them. My favorite video shows off what a friend calls Symmetra’s car wash.

Upon announcement and at the start of the open beta, I was fairly certain Tracer would be my go-to. She looks awesome and I heard comparisons between her and the Scout in Team Fortress 2 – a character I’ve always enjoyed playing. During the beta I played a few rounds with her, but she didn’t click for me. I am excited to give her more time, but out of the gate, I was eager to put her aside for other characters after dying a few too many times.

After dabbling with Bastion and having a few good rounds with Widowmaker, I decided to give Genji a try after sitting in on our Pro Tacktics Test Chamber video where we spent a few rounds with him. I’m actually not in love with his design as he looks pretty generic, but I love having a double jump. I love it almost as much as I love walking right up to a Bastion turret while deflecting their bullets and destroying them.

A lot of people are playing Bastion now during the honeymoon period of Overwatch because he’s a great starter character and he can do some real damage. In voice chat (and online) people are getting frustrated with his power, which makes it all the more satisfying to just walk up to him and blow him up as your team cheers. Genji is also a very strong melee character, which I enjoy. I am an up-close-and-personal kind of player when it comes to shooters.

As the game moves on and people move away from using Bastion, I may have less use for Genji, but right now, he’s my favorite.

Brian Shea – Widowmaker
When I first started playing Overwatch, I went for easy-to-use characters like Bastion, Soldier: 76, and Reaper. I didn’t care much for Soldier: 76 after a while, and Bastion and Reaper stuck pretty well, but my favorite has emerged as Widowmaker. This surprised me since I’ve never been a sniper in multiplayer shooters, but I like the way she can climb to places many other characters can’t reach thanks to her grappling hook, and even handle herself up-close since her sniper rifle doubles as a pulse rifle. I also like the team benefits of her Infra-sight ultimate.

Wade Wojcik – Soldier: 76
In a game where the player shifts perspective between multiple characters, I’m the kind of guy who likes to stick with the first one I’m given. In Warcraft 3 the Orcs were my favorite because I had to start the game as Thrall. This game is no different. The Overwatch tutorial begins with Soldier: 76, and he is a well-rounded killing machine. As a fan of all things FPS it’s perfect for my play style, and I think the aim-bot super move is simply brilliant.

I tend to gravitate toward support classes whenever possible, and I love how many different options I have in that area with Overwatch. During my time with the game, one hero has risen above the rest: Mercy. First, I love providing a direct benefit to my teammates by either providing heals or damage buffs. It’s her ability to raise fallen teammates that makes her truly stand apart for me. And while I have killed a couple of enemies with her offensive weapon, it’s so puny (at least for me), that I’m rarely – if ever – tempted to try and make a lone-wolf run of it.

John Doe

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