All You Need to Know

All You Need to Know

Renting out your vacation property can be a lot of fun and is a unique way to share your passion for a place with travelers. However there is no doubt about it, renting can be a lot of work. The list of questions about renting out a house or apartment remotely is often overwhelming. OneRooftop is happy to provide some answers and advice about how you can rent out your vacation rental home without feeling overwhelmed or financially burdened.


Being Far Away from Your Home Away From Home

If you’re in Minnesota, it doesn’t make sense to fly out to San Francisco every other day just to change the linens. Even if you’re in Pasadena, it may not work to drive to Santa Monica for every check-in. Renting out a house in another city or another state may make more sense financially or in order to keep your day job. While there are many reasons to be near by your house (such as maintenance, yard care, or even just knowing the neighbors) it is common now for renters to get some help managing a unit.

So here is a breakdown of some of the logistics:

If you’re considering a renting your vacation home, you’ve probably already been weighing the pros and cons of hiring a property management company. If it’s what you’re into, it can be a really smart choice. They can help you with exchanging keys at check-in and check-out, changing out the linens, helping you make repairs when accidents happen, or mowing the grass and watering the flowers. Sometimes they’ll even screen your renters so you know your guests are well behaved, like they do at Legacy Executive Rentals in Colorado. A management company will probably earn a percentage of your booking (about 20-25%) and cover many services.

Since keys are the essence of your home’s security, we’ll start there. OneRooftop has several clients who use lock boxes to pick up and drop off keys for a stay. There are also new and emerging high-tech options that are raising the bar for locking up, like the August Smart Lock. It is a code-free locking system that opens doors with a smart phone, working much like a fob.

Here are some more tech options that you can incorporate into your vacation rental home.

Programmable Sprinkler System

Take care of your garden and lawn without the expense of a gardener by having a programmable sprinkler system. There are even some systems that will detect when it’s raining and turn off as the weather changes. Here’s a list of gadgets you can use to make your garden look royal.

Remote Thermostat

Controlling your electric bill while away can be a huge source of stress. Having a remote control thermostat may be a good choice to give you peace of mind when you or your guests are away. A smart product like Nest will even program itself and learn what you like and adjust the temperature as you come and go.

Programmable Lights

Anybody who has moved around a lot is familiar with this question: Which light switch does what? If you can do everything from your phone, there would be no need for a light switch orientation. Plus, when you can control the lights remotely, you can do more to protect your home. If there aren’t any guests you can keep that kitchen light on during the evening. Many systems will also allow you to have outdoor sensor lights. Check out what Loxone has made.

The “Remote Workload”

We mention all these smart devices just because they will help you keep a grip of your time management. Using a smart phone or tablet will make on-the-fly inquiries and questions over email and phone much more manageable.

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