Introducing our Newest Resource

Introducing our Newest Resource

I am constantly looking for resources dedicated to curriculum mapping and teaching. Often, I call on my team here at Rubicon as we have connections with schools around the world who have incredible insight into things like strategic planningcreating quality P.E. units, PYP and change systems. For the past few months, our team has begun to curate these resources on our Blog.

Blogging isn’t new, but it’s new to us!

The Rubicon PD Blog is our newest free resource, joining its fellow free resources of webinars and curriculum sparks. Our blog is dedicated to themes around education, indicative to the word we/you do in the field of education. Don’t take our work for it. Read it yourself!

Do you have an idea you want to get out to the educational community?

Are you aligning your curriculum to certain standards, goals, or benchmarks?
Do you want to implement big changes at your school or district  and want to see what others are doing?

These are the kinds of questions our bloggers are exploring the answers to. As the questions educators ask evolve, so will the PD Blog.

Additionally, we want to invite you contribute to this blossoming blogging community! Guest writers, we need you! We are looking for educators who write, read, and love what they do; educators who write about what they know best, which is of course varying aspects of our ever evolving complex profession. Some of the topics guest bloggers have begun to write about include blogging in the classroom, create quality units for P.E., and system’s thinking as applied to a University.

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