Start  A New Day

Start A New Day

A morning routine can help you harness all those little things that make your day productive. One activity I highly recommend is to enjoy a daily dose of inspirational writings. Are you in? Then make yourself comfortable, because we’ve got five inspiring ideas for you today. Grab a sip of coffee and find out what’s hot in social recruiting in 2016 — and much more.

1. Four Key Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2016

We start with a quick reminder of the LinkedIn survey on Global Recruiting Trends in 2016. In this infographic, you get the gist of four leading trends. But If you want detailed data, download the entire document and dig in!

Key Takeaways:

Quality of hire turns out to be the most important metric of recruitment success.
Finding quality talent is all about social networking and employer branding. (Note that employee referrals are among peaking trends.)
To have your recruitment effort pay off, make retention a priority.

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