More Than Just An SEO Tool

More Than Just An SEO Tool

Last year Guest Blogging was the buzzword in SEO. Since Google made the algorithm change, forcing SEOs to look for unique and relevant content to aid their ranking efforts, so-called professional guest bloggers arrived in droves and every SEO agency started offering guest posts, content exchanges, blogger outreach (and any other way of putting it) as an additional link building exercise.

As a blogger myself, I have no trouble with people making a living from writing and I embrace the changes imposed by Google to ensure content on the web is of a high standard, is unique and is relevant. I understand that for SEOs to acquire natural links, they need to start thinking outside of the box. However, that out of the box thinking seems to have gone amiss with guest blogging, there’s serial misuse of the practice across the web, and this general bad practice amongst SEOs (who’re still trying to con the search engines and have now taken to practising not only black-hat SEO but have extended their reach to content as well) is now impacting brand reputation.

For the purpose of this blog, I’m going to avoid getting into the link building debate, yes we understand that guest blogging for SEO is born out of getting a portfolio of backlinks, but as a Content Marketer, there’s far more benefit than just a link.

For a marketer, guest blogging provides a unique way to extend the reach of their business, build advocates for the brand and showcase their knowledge. Content exchanges have been commonplace for years now, mainly between high profile professionals who wanted to provide their audience with new content from a respected source. However, with SEOs utilising it as a mass link building exercise, things can and are going wrong.

Beginners Guide iphoneography

Beginners Guide iphoneography

If you are going to enter in the world of iPhoneography, check out these tips, tricks, apps, and tools that will help you take your mobile photos to the next level. In sit amet justo eleifend, bibendum libero sed, imperdiet est. Maecenas congue et libero eget consectetur. Aliquam pulvinar tempor felis quis pretium. Suspendisse maximus mattis nunc interdum lacinia. Duis condimentum ut massa non luctus. Nullam quis sollicitudin turpis.

1. Turn off the flash before taking photos of your food

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2. Play with lighting and exposure effects

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3. Wipe off your lens regularly

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4. Don’t rely too heavily on process filters

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5. Few apps meet all your creative needs

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6. Explore the different camera modes

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7. Keep it simple

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8. Shoot the same thing a few times

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9. Avoid using the camera’s zoom tool if possible

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10. Share your photos

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